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About "Creative Writing for The Creator"

  Who Creates this Blog, and to Whom? Hello, and welcome to my Blog! All is God's Creation. God energizes and inspires me to read and write for His honor and glory! I am a dual citizen of Brazil and the United States who loves to read and write in Portuguese and English. I have been a writer, editor, copywriter, translator, ghostwriter, and teacher with multilingual skills and a diverse cross-cultural background. From age four and a half, I have been delighted by the enchanted world readers and writers share. And I desire to bring this enchanted world to you and glorify the Creator. That's why I have created a portal into this world of words. Only you, the Reader, can step into this realm and bring it to life in your creative mind.  So, read on. And welcome into this world of fact and fiction.  It is now yours, too. Yours truly, Leticia Skelton  (The creator for The Creator) Contact me: My professional website:

The Best Way to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Yes, today is Valentine’s Day in the USA. A day marked with expressions of love and affection, especially romantic love. A time of reflection for the single and the married. A reminder of how decisions matter and how our choices can alter our lives forever. As Christians, married or not, we ought to be first and foremost thankful to God for the life He has given us and abide in Him, as the branches are connected to the vine. The moment we were redeemed by Jesus Christ’s blood sacrifice on the cross, we received the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Who is one with Jesus (The Son) and The Father. At that very instant, our bodies became the Temple of God, and God in us is the most important reason to celebrate LOVE each day … If you are single, know that the Lord understands loneliness, and He does not want anyone to be alone: someone is out there, especially made for you! Our wonderful Creator knows the desires of your heart and wants you to become one flesh with that specia

The Day Black Friday Died

Have you been scouring all the online and newspaper ads for the best deals? Is your virtual shopping cart already stuffed to the brim with the Pre-Black Friday bargains? How much are you planning to spend (or have already spent) on things you “must” get? Is it all about Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) this week? YES, I have also been trapped in this seemingly irresistible shopping spree before, in which all we seem to see and hear is: up to XYZ% OFF, free shipping, limited supplies, ends in less than a day, get yours NOW! That’s when Black Friday had to die: I broke free from its grip by the power of CONTENTMENT! And I made a list… What is your Thanksgiving List? If you haven’t made one, I can show you mine: I am THANKFUL for: Life Family  Work  But, above all, I am thankful for The One who has given me Life, Family, and Work: my Creator! He has made me glad! And now I don’t need all the Black Friday deals or anything that would stand in the way of worshipping my God! Thus, I lea

Supernatural Deployments

Supernatural... The first time it happened  was on Christmas Eve, 2011.  We left central Texas and started heading north toward my husband’s hometown. A four-and-a-half-hour drive ahead. After about three hours, it started to snow. Our brother-in-law had warned us about the weather, but we wanted to visit family that holiday, so we kept going, thinking we would get there safely.  Then ice, wind, and snow started to make it increasingly treacherous to move and harder to see the road ahead. We were caught smack dab in a blizzard. A barely visible sign read “Windthorst 10 miles”. We passed several vehicles parked by the side of the road, unoccupied. Where were the drivers? Then we saw a truck, a car, and a few people around them. They were trying to tie chains to the bumpers of each vehicle. We figured the truck was supposed to pull the smaller car out of the accumulated snow around it. My husband and my son decided to stop and help. Leaving our truck, they walked up to the scene. I watch

Paradigms of HI and AI: Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

Mankind, with its peculiar characteristics, never ceases to amaze me. Looking back into primitive societies, I can’t help but notice how far we have come in all our artistic works, discoveries, and knowledge. The human brain, in its intricate neurochemical and physiological pathways, is our natural command center for experiencing reality, learning, and expanding our skills, from basic survival to complex and luxurious lifestyles. It is paramount to reflect on what being human means and how we came to be. To dive into those considerations, we must go back to the origin and creation of mankind and the universe. The more we learn about ourselves and other creatures, the more we realize there is an Intelligent Design or source from which all we see and experience originates. From DNA to galaxies, there is no haphazard or accidental creation. This Intelligent Design and source of all creation is an Intelligent Creator . And I believe this Intelligent Creator is God.  God, the Creator, ha

Early Signs

 I glance with sleepy eyes into my backyard. By the creek, I spot this unsightly tree Its “oh-not-even-a-week-ago” bare branches  are now barely adorned in white! And, oh, I suddenly sense a fresh-linen scent as the gentle breeze frolics around  the timid and scantily dressed new petals! Ahh, the  early signs  of Spring springing! It is early March in central Texas and Winter is saying goodbye to my now wide-awake eyes. More than ever, I am reminded of the early signs of God’s revelations. All around, early signs: blooming in His creation and springing from His Word. Creation and salvation (or judgment) are revelations of the same wonderful, gracious, loving, and almighty God. Are we to be as unsightly trees, skeleton-bare branches, out of focus in the wintry distance? It is urgent we bloom with the abundant life which only springs from Christ! Then, and only then, will the gentle but mighty breeze of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit move within and around us to spring forward the fres